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Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Education, BA

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The Bachelor of Arts with emphasis in music education is a four-year undergraduate program designed for students who are interested in majoring in music education but are still not fully committed to earning teaching licensure at the undergraduate level. This program provides students with a comprehensive preparation in the areas of music performance, music theory and history, conducting, piano proficiency, instrumental techniques, and method courses.

Upon completion of the requirements for the BA with an emphasis in music education degree, students will demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions needed to enter a graduate program that leads to a teaching license.


Program Length

Four years for a complete BA degree.  Two years for students transferring in with an AAOT degree.  Program length may vary depending upon the student’s course load and academic progress.

Program Learning Outcomes

Specific student learning outcomes for students are organized in two broad and interrelated areas:

Music Competencies

  • Students will perform at a high level of proficiency on their primary instrument or in their primary voice type.
  •  Students will play all other musical instruments traditionally taught in Pre-K through 12th grade music education settings at the intermediate level and demonstrate intermediate singing skills.
  • Students will demonstrate intermediate piano skills and an advanced level of aural discrimination and sight-reading skills.
  • Students will demonstrate competent conducting skills and a knowledge of scoring for voice, band, and orchestra, as well as arranging music for the needs of their ensembles.

Teaching Competencies

  • Students will demonstrate a proficiency in content knowledge including a knowledge of music history, theory, world music, and music technology.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in general pedagogical knowledge including unit and lesson planning, assessment techniques, classroom management, and effective rehearsal techniques.
  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge of educational aims, purposes, and values including national/state standards for music.

Baccalaureate Degree Core

Baccalaureate Degree Core Requirements   

Music Core Courses: Required for all Bachelor of Arts in Music majors

Music History: 8 Credits

Ensembles: 8 semesters

Large ensemble appropriate to the student’s instrument or voice each semester in residence; may be taken for 0 or 1 credit. Students with junior standing or above may register at the 300-level for upper-division credit.

Piano: 2 Credits

(and pass the Piano Proficiency Test)

Recital Attendance: 0 Credits

Total: 34-42 Credits

* Waived for students who pass the Piano Proficiency Test without enrolling in these courses

Major Requirements

Techniques and Methods: Choose Four:

* A Music education major is to take the methods courses not representing the family of his or her major instrument or voice.

Total: 66 Credits

Note: This curriculum does not include teaching licensure/certification. Students majoring in Music Education and seeking licensure to teach in public schools may elect one of two paths: 1) They may complete licensure courses through the School of Learning and Teaching’s College of Education concurrently with or following undergraduate study (34 credits), typically requiring an additional year beyond the baccalaureate degree, or degree and licensure in five years; or 2) pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching degree (twelve-month program) which includes licensure requirements. Licensure requirements can be found in the Pacific University College of Arts and Sciences Catalog under Education/Required Professional Courses for Early Childhood & Elementary School Authorizations or Middle School and High School Authorizations, as appropriate; and Master of Arts in Teaching requirements can be found in the College of Education section of the Pacific University Graduate and Professions Catalog.

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