Mar 31, 2023  
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Philosophy, Minor

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The Philosophy Department prides itself on preparing students who intend to pursue a variety of career tracks. Students minoring in philosophy receive an education that offers them highly transferable skills fit for an ever-changing job market.

The department strives to help students cultivate the intellectual, civic, and moral virtues of the discipline of Philosophy–for example, intellectual integrity, objectivity, resilience in the face of obstacles and daunting problems, a commitment to consistency, a knack for seeing and articulating what issues are at stake, the courage to cross-examine opinions that one holds dear, respect for interlocutors and colleagues, a felt obligation to contribute to one’s community. 

Our minors are able to reflect philosophically and express clearly their own goals and choices and make informed and thoughtful decisions both in their chosen careers and in their day to day lives.

Program Learning Outcomes

As a department, our goal is to educate our students with respect to the history, interpretive frameworks, and analytical techniques of the discipline of Philosophy; given this goal, graduating majors should be able to:

  • exhibit a general understanding of the history and development of Philosophy and a specific understanding of some portion of that history
  • describe and critique several of the most important historical and contemporary interpretive frameworks used in the discipline of Philosophy (for example, Plato’s Theory of Forms, the utilitarian approach to ethics, and the existentialist analysis of the human condition)
  • apply the analytical techniques of the discipline of Philosophy (for example, by presenting orally and in writing succinct analyses of philosophical texts and coherently structured arguments in defense of their own philosophical claims).

Upper-division Electives in Philosophy: 8 Credits

Total: 20 Credits

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