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Academic Catalog 2021-2022 
Academic Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, BA or BS

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Major Requirements

A total of 40 credits are required for the B.A. degree and 48 credits for the B.S. degree in Psychology (requires two additional laboratory courses from natural sciences). There are four general categories of courses that together make up the psychology major. All must be completed with minimum grade of C.

Category I Courses are core requirements. You must complete these courses to graduate with a psychology major. All students must enroll in PSY150, either PSY348/349 and PSY350 or PSY300 and PSY301, and a minimum of one 4-credit course to serve as senior capstone (i.e., PSY411, PSY480-485, PSY499). PSY150, PSY300, and PSY301 are offered each semester, while PSY411 and PSY480-485 are offered on a rotating basis. PSY499 is offered at the discretion of the instructor.

Category II Courses are sub-disciplines in psychology. You must complete one 4-credit course from each of the three areas to graduate with a psychology major. You may take more than one of these courses toward the major. These courses are offered annually or biennially.

Category III Courses are advanced topics and applications of sub-disciplines in the field of psychology. You must complete one 4-credit course from the list provided towards the major.

Category IV Courses are elective course options, emphases, and advance topics courses that count toward the major. Students must earn an additional 8 credits, with the exception of Category I courses.

All courses must be completed with a “C” or better.

Category I: Core Courses: 16 Credits

Category II: Sub-disciplines in Psychology: 12 credits

Complete at least one course from Groups A, B, and C, below:

Category IV: Electives: 8 credits

Students are required to complete an additional 8 credits with a minimum of 4 credits coming from upper division courses. Electives may include any psychology course (except for Category 1 and Professional Development courses) or any of the approved courses outside the major listed below.

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