Jan 24, 2020  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual Language, BA

Major Requirements

  • Primary Language, Lower Division (French, German, Japanese, Spanish) 16 credits
  • Two courses number 300 or above taken at Pacific 8 credits

  • Upper-division credits earned abroad in primary language country 12 credits
  • OR

  • Upper-division credits earned abroad in primary language-speaking country 8-11 credits
  • AND

  • One primary-language class at 300-level or above for total of 12 credits 1-4 credits **

  • Secondary language(s) 16 credits
  • 2 credit(s)
  • 2 credit(s)

Total: 58-60 Credits

Note: The secondary language requirement may be fulfilled by two full years study of one language or one full year of study of two different languages. Study abroad must be in a country where the primary language is spoken. Please note that WORL 325  may not be available in all languages or in all semesters; students should plan accordingly.

International students, who have taken ESL classes at the university level and who want to major in DualLanguage, may be exempted from the 16 credits
of a secondary foreign language.

**Alternatives to the traditional semester study-abroad requirements must be through an accredited university and may be proposed to the Dual Language Program Coordinator for consideration. The program must then be pre-approved by the Chair of World Languages and Literatures in consultation with the Dual Language Program Coordinator and the Director of International Programs.