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Academic Catalog 2023-2024 
Academic Catalog 2023-2024

International Studies, BA


Students majoring in International Studies build the knowledge and skills needed to understand and work effectively in a global society. In addition to examining theories and practices of international relations and affairs, students engage in multi-disciplinary study in order to appreciate the politics, history, economy, language and culture of a particular region of the world.

Major Requirements: 38-42 Credits

A minimum of 16 credits of the major must be upper-level.

All of the Following: 18 Credits

Core Courses require a grade of C- or higher

Language Proficiency: 0-8 Credits

Students proficient in a second language beyond the 202 level may waive these credits/courses. Approval of the Chair of the World Languages Department is required for a waiver.

Note: Students should plan to complete their 202 language course prior to study abroad.

International Experience: 16 credits

Electives: 4 Credits

Take four credits from the following:

1) Any 300- or 400-level course in the World Languages (CHIN, FREN, GER, JAPN, SPAN) except FREN 311/411, FREN 312/412, GER 315, SPAN 301, SPAN 315.

2) Any international short-term prep and travel courses. (Domestic short-term travel courses with IS Chair approval). Check Office of International Programs website for available courses. Be aware that prep courses are required and for travel courses and occur the semester prior to travel, so advanced planning is helpful. Check all pre-requisites. Examples from Summer 2021 include ENG 326 “Travel Writing in Italy”, IS 236 “Costa Rica Travel”, BIOL 366 “Galapagos and Ecuador.”

3) Any courses from the following list (other courses not listed below must be approved by the Chair of International Studies):

Program Details

Program Length

Four years for a complete BA degree.  Two years for students transferring in with an AAOT degree.  Program length may vary depending upon the student’s course load and academic progress.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing Pacific University’s International Studies major will:

  • Demonstrate at least an intermediate-level competency in a second language (for most students at Pacific this means completing a 202-level language course).
  • Demonstrate interdisciplinary knowledge and critical thinking related to global issues, policies, processes and trends.
  • Clearly articulate, consider, and argue issues through the use of diverse frames of reference and engagement with concepts of cultural relativity.