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Academic Catalog 2020-2021 
Academic Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies

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Students majoring in International Studies build the knowledge and skills needed to understand and work effectively in a global society. In addition to examining theories and practices of international relations and affairs, students engage in multi-disciplinary study in order to appreciate the politics, history, economy, language, and culture of a particular region of the world.

The International Studies Major consists of three parts: a set of core courses, an international experience, and a second multi-disciplinary set of courses to support the student’s chosen international experience.

International Studies majors are required to study outside of the United States. The semester prior to their study abroad, students enroll in Global Skills 1, the preparation course. Before departing abroad, students should notify the Registrar that they will enroll in Global Skills 2, the online course that they will complete during their semester abroad. Upon their return from study abroad, students enroll in Global Skills 3, the re-entry course. Courses taken while studying abroad may be accepted as elective courses in the major with approval of the International Studies Chair.

Students unable to leave the United States for study abroad are encouraged to consider a minor in International Studies. The minor does not require international travel.

The goals and formal requirements for the major in each of the four areas of emphasis are listed below. Please note that these requirements are slightly different from those for students who complete a major in American Studies.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing Pacific University’s International Studies major will:

  • Demonstrate basic competency in a second language as well as competency in intercultural communication
  • Have broad exposure to a chosen region of the world through multiple disciplines and perspectives
  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of global issues, policies, processes and trends
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and insight in issues of international policies, processes and trends
  • Be able to clearly articulate, consider and argue issues requiring diverse frames of reference and cultural ambiguity
  • Demonstrate writing and presentation skills needed to convey complex global issues with clarity and understanding


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