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Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Studies

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Civic Engagement

Stephanie Stokamer, Director, McCall Center for Civic Engagement 

Health Professions Education

Meredith Arend, MS Advantages-Pathway Coordinator Career Development Center

International Programs

Shpresa Halimi, Director of International Programs


The Office of International Programs provides services to international students and scholars and to students participating in study-abroad programs. International Programs provides immigration and cross-cultural services to Pacific University’s community of international students, scholars and faculty. International Programs also coordinates and administers semester and year-long study-abroad programs (see Study Abroad section), working with faculty to ensure academic integrity.

International Programs staff are active members of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, as well as other international education professional organizations, and represent Pacific University locally, regionally and nationally in professional conferences, workshops, meetings and other symposia.

International Student and Scholar Advising

International Programs staff are knowledgeable in the areas of F & J visa regulations and provide assistance to international students and scholars in complying with the complex and ever-changing immigration regulations. International Programs also provides services designed specifically to assist students with adjusting to the challenges of a new academic and cultural environment. These services include the provision of pre-departure information, airport pick-up, accommodation assistance, an orientation program and social programming.

Study Abroad

In accordance with the University’s mission statement and goals, Pacific University study abroad programs provide students with a unique opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that will prepare them for the diverse community, nation, and world. Pacific University considers international study important and encourages all students to gain exposure to other cultures, languages, and ways of life.

Study abroad is required for all majors in the department of World Languages and Literatures and for a major in International Studies, but is open to all students who meet the selection criteria. Pacific University students who participate in a study abroad program can earn a maximum of 31 credits that will count toward their graduation. However, students should consult with their faculty advisor(s) to determine which courses taken abroad can and cannot be used toward their majors or to satisfy other specific University requirements.

Pacific University reserves the right to cancel programs or to make changes in affiliation at any time for reasons of safety, finances, or administrative concerns. For detailed descriptions of programs, please refer to the Study Abroad section of the catalog or consult the International Programs office.

More information is available here .

The Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Major (SDIM) is an opportunity for highly capable students to pursue unusual intellectual paths. Students participating in the SDIM must have exceptional self-discipline and self-direction. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required to apply to the SDI Major and a minimum GPA of 3.2 in the SDI Major is required to graduate. Proposed SDIMs must clearly define a field of study that falls within the liberal arts and sciences.

Note: The SDIM will not be approved as a substitute for extant disciplinary major or minor programs of study available within the College of Arts and Sciences. Nor will an SDIM be approved for strictly vocational education or strictly preparatory programs such as pre-optometry or pre-pharmacy.

Students may pursue a single Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Major. Students may not be awarded a minor for a subset of courses within their approved SDI Major. Students should complete the SDIM approval process during the sophomore year.

Students completing the SDIM must meet all other graduation requirements within the College of Arts and Sciences. The SDIM replaces the major requirement only.

Students interested in pursuing a Self-Designed Interdisciplinary Major should contact the Director of Academic Advising at 503-352-2201 for information on requirements and the application process.

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